Feel Good About Yourself

We  all get a bit overloaded at times and chances are you do too.

I’m guessing you are a real giver. You give your love and attention to others and step up in their hour of need. 

I get it, you are a caring beautiful soul. The only issue is you tend to forget yourself in all the running around you do. 

Am I right or am I right? 


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Do you find yourself caught up in emotional overwhelm not sure what your next move is? 

That’s where I come in.

I help women achieve self worth and build better lasting relationships.

You deserve to be the best version of you, not the one others think you should be.

You deserve to choose how you live your life so that you feel more joy and happiness in your relationships, at work, with your kids, your partner or yourself. 

I’m going to hazard a guess that you are here for at least one of the following reasons:

  • You feel lost and powerless to change things in your life
  • You get moments of absolute overwhelm
  • You find relationships hard and believe you’re the reason
  • Your negative emotions seem to take control.
  • Your whole life seems to be affected 
  • You tell yourself some really hurtful things
  • You try and people please and it makes you feel like shit
  • You feel that you are not being the real you

You may have your own reasons too I’m sure, whatever they are, I’d love to work with you to change from the inside out. 

I really must emphasise to never settle for less than you can be.


Because settling for less paralyses – and even totally wipes out – your dreams and desires.  It means that the biggest driver in your life is fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of the ‘what if?’. 

Fear can be the total undoing of you. 

 But did you know that you are your own secret weapon? You can either carry on living a lacklustre life ruled by fear …. OR you can pull the goddamn trigger and catapult yourself forward to something amazing!

How I Can Help You.


This is an opportunity for you to become your own secret weapon and learn some self care strategies that will; 

• Cultivate your curiosity for life. 

• Become catapulted on a journey through life with a new sense of excitement. 

• Feel happier and more content with who you are. 

• Help you express your feelings from a place of love rather than fear.

• Become more aware of your triggers and can manage them. 

• Practise more self awareness as you step beyond your self-imposed limitations.

• Learn how to switch off the negative chatter in your mind.

• Recognise that you, above all others, deserve your own love. 

One to One Coaching

An immersion call (between 1-4hrs) where we get to heart of the matter. Followed by 3 months 1-2-1 coaching

Email Coaching

A more relaxed approach with time to consider and process things.
A flexible and affordable answer for the super busy woman .

Laser Coaching

Sign up for 6 months of unlimited 15 minutes coaching sessions. Perfect for women under a time-crunch. Lets nail it together.