Laser Coaching

slow motion laser beam

Imagine having on-demand coaching! Well, that’s exactly what laser coaching is all about. 

These short dynamic sessions get to the heart of the issue without the need for idle chitter-chatter.  It’s about being laser focussed and efficient. 

Your first call is a 30 minute getting to know you session. This sets the scene for future sessions. 

The package offers you up to 12 months coaching in sessions lasting 15 minutes each.  In each session, we focus on one area or problem, overcome the fears and create accountability.

You create goals at each session and have homework to do… that’s where the real magic happens! We agree together on the homework and it might be anything from exercises, meditations, writing in a journal to learning a new skill or self-care technique.  

After each call, you get the recording of the session and the homework emailed to you. Once the homework is completed you are free to schedule your next session!  

Imagine for a moment what you can achieve in 12 months!