warrior pose

Feel Powerful Like a Superhero

Here’s a quick tip to help you feel powerful like a superhero if you’ve been feeling a tad lethargic.

Did you know that we all have the hormone testosterone, not just the men but women too? It has an impact on our behaviour amongst other things.

Too much and we become aggressive too little and we can get into a right lethargic funk.

So here’s my top tip to boost your testosterone if you’re in a funk….

Feel powerful like a superhero for 2 minutes! Now if you’re into yoga you can do this as a warrior pose or if you’re not into yoga just put yourself into a superman like stance and feel powerful.

Rollback your shoulders, feet firm on the floor, chest out, arms in the air or hands on hips.

After that, whack on some tunes and dance.

I guarantee you’ll feel a lot more powerful and a lot less lethargic.

Try it and let me know below how it is when you feel powerful like a superhero.

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