Slam Dunk The Funk Now

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I don’t know about you, but there seems to be a lot of people in a damn funk right now. All this Covid-19 shenanigans has got people into a right two and eight. 

So it’s time to slam dunk the funk now! Totally nail it and get on with living life rather than watching it pass before your eyes like a supermarket conveyor belt. 

I’d love to share some of my 7 top tips to slam dunk the funk now and stop it trying to take you out.  Whilst I’m making an effort to share these tips with you, I appreciate you actually putting in the effort to try them. Or at least try two of them if not all. 

You either want to slam dunk your funk now or wallow in self pity.  

Now read on…. 

  •  Music – Crank up the volume and listen to some of your favourite tunes. Please don’t tell me it’s Leonard Cohen or I’ll come around and shoot you myself. His music is brilliant but it’s not going to shift that funk anywhere.  My go to music is Happy by Pharrell Williams. It’s brilliant, I defy you to be in a funk with that playing at full throttle. You might have your own go to pick me up song. Why not make a whole damn playlist of happy pick me up songs whilst you’re at it. You’ll thank me later. 
  • Boost your happy chemicals – No I don’t mean smoke a spliff or snort a line of coke or any other chemically induced happy. Think, exercise or at the very least going for a walk in nature. If you’re on lockdown you can take your daily walk but maybe speed it up a bit. Get the blood pumping around your body after all it’s probably a tad stagnant especially if you’ve been binge watching Ozark or Dynasty back to back on Netflix.  Ok I hear you….. you hate exercise right? So here’s the deal. You can eat that bar of chocolate you’re craving (because we know chocolate helps release happy chemicals especially raw organic cacao chocolate) but you gotta take it on your walk. Deal?  
  • I wanted to suggest to cuddle someone but we have to social distance. So unless you’re cooped up with someone you can cuddle then maybe call the person that makes you laugh out loud the most. Laughing is good for you and you cannot feel in a funk if you’re laughing your head off. 
  • Get creative and channel your energy – Can you cook? If not give it a try. How about some gardening or creating something out of the junk you have lying around. Maybe consider cleaning out the drawer in the kitchen that houses the spare leads, wires, batteries, paper clips, hair ties, scissors, receipts, old bags, random pencils, broken purses, chargers, that half packet of Strepsils, the old dog collar and 25 never to be used again corks. You’ll be so amazed by what you find that you wont have any time to be in a funk.  Believe it or not, clearing out your rubbish really helps clear your mind. I’m not going to explain the science, you can ask Mr Google. All I know is that it works. Failing that just crack on and do something that you love and that makes you smile.
  • Practice mindfulness  – Don’t make a big thing about it. No one is asking you to dress in saffron robes and sit cross legged on a yoga mat in a cave on the side of the Himalaya in the snow.Being mindful means to try and be present in every moment. We spend too much time dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. So much so that we often forget the very moment that we are in. Being mindful can help reduce stress which leads to us being happier and funk free.If you’ve never practiced mindfulness then the best way to start is just to become aware of everything around you. If you’re at home notice the room, the colours, the smells and sensations. What can you hear? Maybe its a cat purring or the tick tock of a clock. Maybe go out into nature and observe the tress, the birds, the view or the sky. Notice the birds singing, the trees rustling or the raindrops falling on the ground. Practice being mindful each day even if it’s just a few minutes to begin with. If you lose yourself in mindfulness you will find a real sense of peace. 
  • Be selfish – Not in an arsey way where even you’d not want to be seen with you, but in a nurturing self loving way. What have you done for yourself recently that made you feel happy? You might be the kind of person that rushes about helping others. ‘Helloooooo (waves frantically) this is your alter ego….. shouting at you. What about me?’ 
  • Write a gratitude list – Grab a notebook and every night before you nod off write down 5 things you are grateful for. Don’t tell me you can’t think of any because you can. A great tip I learned is that it helps to have a really nice notebook or journal to write in as it makes it feel special. Whilst the shops may still be closed where you are, online shopping is where it’s at and there are literally thousands of amazing notebooks and journals for every budget. Treat yourself. A gratitude list helps you become someone who sees a glass half full rather than half empty. So start to think of those things you’re grateful for. They can be as simple as you like. For example the sunshine, or the phone call you received, or your soft pillow or enough food to eat. Just list 5 each night. Doing this at night time also helps you to wake up in a mood of gratitude rather than in a funk. 

So there you have it. Nothing too dramatic or mind blowing but effective tools to slam dunk the funk now, right into the ground. 

Let me know in the comments below if you tried any of these tips or if you have some of your own that you’d care to share.

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