What lies behind the Mask

wearing a covid19 mask

Masks are all the rage now. Acceptable and even necessary attire. Visible masks that make a statement. I am keeping me and you safe. Safe from something neither of us see. Like so many people, adoptees have been wearing masks for years. However they are invisible masks. What lies behind the mask? Do they hide the true essence of who we really are? Many adoptees hide behind a mask of deception. What you see is not always what you get. What is truly lying behind that mask? For some it’s pain and trauma of separation and rejection. Of unworthiness and self hatred. Of longing and eternal searching to find out who you really are. The invisible mask shows the world how sane together and happy you are. But underneath you’re quietly foaming at the mouth. Choking on your own inauthenticity. Trying to fit in to the box that others have built for you. And why? Because adoptees want to have their feelings validated. Their feelings of self loathing thrown back at them. 

There is an internal rage building, a fire burning and truths dying to be uncovered. But the mask offers protection and shows everyone that all is well with the adoptees world. Fear is the superglue that keeps the mask in place. That keeps the adoptee safe and compliant. However eventually the mask will slip and reveal what lies beneath. For those adoptees that get the shit behind the mask handled, life can roll out before them like a blossoming flower. Full of joy and promise. If you do not get it handled now, all the shit that you hide and that consumes you will be the total undoing of you. Imagine a tidal wave of shit. Adoptees have a choice. Let someone see right through the mask and help you to recognise the amazing person behind it. Or remain behind the mask suffocating and journeying through life feeling less than you are. Reach out to me and I will help you to come out from behind your mask and show yourself. You are worthy. You are amazing. You are love.

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