I am good enough and so are you

I am text with patterns

I am good enough and so are you. 

We are enough – just as we are. Believe me. 

So many of us have a critical voice in our head. You know the one. It’s constantly doubting you suggesting you are not good enough.  You are too fat or too thin. You don’t have a big enough car, house or bank account. You say things like, “When I get that job” or “When I have more money” or “When I find the love of my life things will change”. You buy endless self development books, do numerous courses and all because you don’t believe you are good enough. 

It drags you down and you feel inferior. However if you just realised that you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone then you could allow yourself the courage to accept yourself as you are.

I am good enough and so are you. 

 It takes courage though. Courage to step into your vulnerable zone and drop the curtain that hides your true self. Try and let go of that which you are trying to control. Allow yourself to flow and be exactly where you are. It’s not about being perfect or never making a mistake. Being good enough means accepting yourself as you are. Warts n all. You are good enough as you are right now in all this mess around us. In all your mess. You show up every damn day and that is exactly what being enough is. 

You’re brave and courageous. Beautiful and funny. Daft and silly. Naughty and nice. 

I am good enough and so are you. 

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