A Little About Me

I’m Jojo Miracle Patience an adult adoptee,  coach to people affected by adoption, author, mum and grandmother. I am also a restaurateur and own a busy vegan café in Koh Samui, Thailand. 

I was adopted as a baby and as a teenager, I had my own first child adopted. Adoption defined me for many years, and I allowed my story to rule my life.  Like many people, I have had some ups and downs, and, in my case, I spent many years not believing in myself, self-sabotaging my success and not really nailing life in the best way that I could.

However, I reached a point that got me saying to myself, ‘Enough of this shit! I have to do something about it.”  Once I decided enough was enough, I invested in a life coach and was surprised at how I was able to transform my thinking, my negative beliefs and step into the JoJo that was there all along. She was just hidden and scared to come out.

Jojo patience retreat seminar photo

I did the work needed to change my life and am now completely focused and committed to helping others do the same.  I am on a mission to give back and touch as many lives as possible so that we can all live life on our own terms in the most amazing way possible.

I am super happy with my life right now and acknowledge that I am where I am today because I took the necessary action to make things happen so I can live the life I desire. 

I am what I call “an uplifter”. 

If this resonates with you as an adult adoptee  struggling right now and wanting more happiness then we need to chat! 

Who knows where your journey will take you!

My Passion is working with people who are affected by adoption

People are my passion and as a coach to people affected by adoption this drives me to want to help you feel the best that you can.  I have been blessed that my career has been spent supporting and nurturing people. I trained as a nurse in the UK and later moved into education in Local Government.  Various life events made me re-assess my work-life balance and look deeper into my purpose. I worked with several coaching organisations and some incredible individual coaches. I managed two online coaching membership sites whilst undertaking my own personal self-development.

I am a a Certified Master Coach,  Life Coach, and Laughter Yoga Coach .  I have added NLP, Hypnosis and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy to my skillset so I can offer a flexible and personal client-centred approach.

I have been privileged to have worked with clients both on and offline from around the world.  The feedback has been so encouraging! Ordinary people can have extraordinary results when they put their mind to it, they really can.

I loved running my women’s wellness retreat in France and I will now be running further exclusive retreats in Thailand. So, if you want to come and sit under a shady palm tree with me and learn more about yourself, then sign up to my newsletter to keep up to date with what’s happening. 

Working with adoptees is my passion and seeing one individual ‘flip their funk’ and become more confident with who they are is really a deep blessing for me. Adoption can be a blessing or a curse depending on your perspective. It does not have to be the framework for a life lived in sadness and pain. I know through my own experience that together we can change how you feel. 


My other passion is animals.  I live with two rescue Thai street dogs, Maia and Raven and a rescue cat, Priya. They keep me grounded and show me the true meaning of unconditional love