Email Coaching

Traditionally, coaching has been carried out face to face between client and coach in the same room. 

However, as we become more reliant on our smart phones, laptops and netbooks, the very nature of our interaction is changing. 

We live much of our daily lives in the virtual world. Just think about how much time you spend on adoption Facebook groups or Instagram!  Incredibly, half the world’s population uses the internet daily. Sending emails is a daily occurrence and people now rely on the internet for communication and connection in many situations. 

You may be super busy with work, or family life and scheduling in an hour with a coach may seem to be just another stressor.  The pain of traveling to and from a 1-2-1 session, concerned about childcare or just managing to schedule a free hour in your busy day for a Skype or Zoom call can be the deal-breaker between investing in coaching or not.  

That’s why I am offering email coaching, especially for those adoptees with no time to take a breath. 

Chances are you are a very busy individual, you give, give, give to others and now you’re running ragged.  Recognise yourself here? 

You know damn well you would benefit from coaching but don’t have a clue how you can take time out to actually do it.  You keep saying that when you have time you will sort yourself out.  Well the time is right now! My personalised email coaching is the perfect answer for you.

You will love email coaching if..........

• You want a flexible alternative to 1-2-1 coaching

• You don’t want to be confined to a particular time of day or week

• Email coaching is time and location independent

•  You feel more able to express yourself in writing than saying it out loud

•  You like to ensure you have the complete conversation in front of you – sometimes it can be hard to remember everything in face to face session

• You like the idea of having time to reflect and respond

• You enjoy working at your own pace

•  It’s a more affordable price for you

• You may prefer social anonymity

• You’d love to have a cheerleader in your inbox – someone there to both motivate and encourage you

What you'll get ...

• Consistent email exchanges within 24 hours over a period of 6 weeks with an option to extend for a further 6 weeks

• A personalised response tailored to your needs – no cookie cutter responses 

• Journal exercises and daily meditation exercises 

• Recommended reading and You Tube viewing 

• Up to three email responses per day

• My undivided attention

• The opportunity to work on a single issue or more than one – your choice 

• The knowledge that everything is confidential and your information and what you share is totally safe