One to One Coaching

One of the best things about one to one coaching sessions for adopted adults is that it focuses on your future.  So many adoptees are totally stuck in the past like they are acting out their very own Groundhog Day.  You know that film right? The one where the weatherman is caught in a time loop and relives the same damn day, which just so happened to be Groundhog Day.  It’s hilarious as a film, however, having your life stuck in an endless recurring loop playing over and over isn’t hilarious at all. But that’s what life is like for some people.  Waking up and just repeating the same old day, every day. The same thoughts and overwhelming feelings that override everything. Some people call it routine whilst others see it as life slipping through their hands. They feel powerless to change or step off the invisible hamster wheel of sameness. 

One to one Coaching sessions are an opportunity for you to step off that hamster wheel and start to take control of life. It’s an invitation to create a new adoption dialogue and step into a greater degree of happiness.

How can you tell if you’re on the hamster wheel or not? Well ask yourself the following questions…

• Is my life and routine making me happier each day or more dull?

• Do I wake up and look forward to my day? 

• Am I feeling a 10 out of 10 for happiness?

• Am I happy with my relationships?

• Do I have enough time for the things and people I love? 

• Am I at peace with my adoption story? 


If you answered no to any of these then we need to talk right now! 

You will love One to One coaching if...

• You want to stop your adoption story ruling your life.

• You want to ignite more happiness and joy in your life.

• You want to stop doing things that don’t serve you. 

• You like the  idea of waking up without  the feelings of overwhelm. 

• Learning how to calm an overactive busy mind would really help you right now.

• You’d like be able to talk about your adoption story without having a meltdown.

•  You’d like to get your life back on the right track.

• You are open to the possibility that you have all the answers deep within you. 

• You are keen to explore new and interesting ways of thinking. 

• You are ready to step out of your Groundhog Day and embrace life on your own terms.

What you'll get...

• An immersion session. Over skype, zoom or face to face. No fixed time limit. Let’s just get to the heart of the matter and get it sorted.  

• Ongoing one to one coaching sessions (weekly) and support whenever you need it for a full 6 weeks.

• The opportunity to expand the support for a further 6 weeks.

• A safe environment to share your adoption story, free from judgement. 

• Tips tools and strategies to use between sessions and beyond coaching.

• Motivation and encouragement to develop more self love and awareness.

• More joy, abundance and happiness in your life.

• A sense of calm and control so that you are better equipped to deal with any future wobbles.