Radical Coaching

Many adoptees want to change something in their life – but just can’t get started. They know the results they want but they really feel that it seems like a damn hard slog to get there. This puts them off even trying. But you see the important choices and changes we need to make in life that move us towards where we want to go, require concentration and effort.

It’s the same with birth mothers too. Often holding onto that vision of the last time they saw their child. Playing it over and over again like some self tortuous role play. Unable to shift beyond the pain of loss. 

Sometimes we need a kick up the rear to motivate us in the right direction so that we are best placed to act. 

If you know you want to make some changes in your life and think that it all seems like an insurmountable task then I invite you to kickstart your transformation now. Make that decision to radically change your life.  I will come to your house for 5 days or you can come to mine.  You’ll have access to coaching 24/7 so you can really nail things.   

This is a multi-dimensional experience with meditation, practical exercises and traditional coaching.  A radical approach to life coaching that goes beyond the edges of the box. You will be setting yourself up for success, for new possibilities and a life that is filled with joy. 

Consider these 5 days as an opportunity for you turn off the whirring noisy machine that controls your thinking.  Step away from your story and open up into a realm of possibility. 

Radical coaching is not for lightweights, it’s for you if you are committed to change. 

Are you ready to go for it? 

Imagine this…. 

Waking up every morning knowing that the day is full of possibility and opportunity. Imagine the entire day being all about you with access to your own personal coach for 5 days. Together we will create the environment for you to discover the magic that lies within you. 

I’ll encourage you to think radically and break out of the box that currently confines you. Imagine not having your adoption story define you. 

Each radical coaching program is totally bespoke and we agree what the program looks like in advance to ensure you get the results that you are looking for. 


You will love radical coaching if...

• You are committed to making lasting changes in your life.

• You like the idea of a grabbing the bull by the horns and acting.

• You need someone in your corner, nurturing you and assisting your transformation.

• You want to break free from your adoption story so that you live a more authentic life. 

• You are open to sharing and exploring a different way to look at things. 

• The idea of having your coach and cheerleader on hand 24/7 appeals.

• You’ve had enough of dipping your toe into possibility, you now want to jump right in. 

• You are ready to break out of the box that confines you.

• You are up for a personal challenge.

• You want to radically change your life. 

What you'll get...

• Airport transfers (Thailand only). 

• 5 days of coaching as and when you need it.

• Personalised program based on your needs.

• Exercise, meditation and hikes into nature. 

• The opportunity to rest, relax and renew. 

• Half day visit to an ethical elephant sanctuary (Thailand only) . 

• Half day visit to a neighbouring island by long tail boat. (Thailand only)

• Results!