Wellness Retreat

Are you bogged down, stressed out and a bit lost?

Do you sometimes feel that life is out of control and you can’t quite catch up with it?

Chances are you could do with some serious time out for yourself.

Life is an incredible and, at times, challenging journey. We can find ourselves embracing the new opportunities we are presented with or fearing the unknown in front of us.

From time to time, we climb our own personal mountains and at other times we may go into free fall. 

Sometimes in order to move forward you must take a step back and attending a wellness retreat offers you the time and space to do just that.

You may be so super busy that you don’t get a chance to breath and reflect on life. 

This wellness retreat offers an opportunity for you to blend some rest and relaxation with exploring your mind and discovering more about yourself.  It’s an opportunity to deep dive and discover your inner magic.

When did you last take time out for you?

When did you focus solely on your own needs instead of those others around you? It’s difficult right?

You see, very often, life becomes overwhelming and when it does, you just can’t function as the very best version of yourself. Sometimes you just need to take a breath, two steps back and spend some time recuperating. 

A retreat isn’t just a jolly holiday in the sun; it’s way more than that.  It’s an opportunity to ditch the 9-5 humdrum for a week, a chance to connect and explore your inner self and make some decisions about your life.  It’s an opportunity to get clear about what it is you want, to eat healthily and to connect with a very exclusive group of adoptees . 

If you could really do with a change of environment both physically mentally and spiritually then join me in Thailand for an adventure. 

We will be staying in a lovely villa in the mountains with a stunning view of the southern Koh Samui coastline.  

There will be plenty of ‘free time’ so that you can hire a scooter or car and explore more of the island. Or you can just chill out pool side with that book you’ve been meaning to read….. or even write! 

Whatever your reason for attending this retreat, you will be most welcome, and I can’t wait to share an amazing week with you.

You will love my wellness retreat if...

• You need a break from your everyday life.

• You feel stressed or burnt out. 

• The idea of 7 days, relaxation and renewal sounds just what you need right now. 

• You’d love to learn meditation or enhance your meditation practice. 

• You want lasting results and freedom from the pain of loss.

• The idea of being able to focus solely on your own needs appeals to you.

• You want to connect to your inner magic. 

• You want to feel energised and de-stressed.

• You’d love to supercharge your life and flip the funk. 

• You have come to the decision that there is far more to life than your adoption story. 

• You need reminding that you are enough. 

What you'll get...

• Airport transfers (flights not included) 

• 7 nights all inclusive stay 

• Exercise, meditation and hikes into the mountains. 

• The opportunity to really ditch the emotional baggage that you’ve been dragging around for years. 

• Half day visit to an ethical elephant sanctuary. 

• Half day visit to neighbouring island by long tail boat.

• One free Thai massage.

• Time to really unwind and connect to your inner magic.