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“It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn’t use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like, “What about lunch?’
—Winnie the Pooh 

Whilst I may not actually ask you “What about lunch?”  I WILL ask you some great questions that get to heart of the matter.  I won’t confuse you by sounding like I ate a thesaurus either. Whilst I’m direct, I believe it’s important to not only ask great questions but to listen well too. 

jojo patience on the beach

My coaching style is informal and flexible, rather like a good conversation with a trusted friend.  I’ve had coaching myself so I now exactly what it feels like to be a coaching client.  I am curious about what makes you tick and motivates you to do the things you do.  

As an adoptee and a birth mother I know that you want someone to hear you that totally gets where you are coming from. I was the same so I know how important that is to you. 

I am a compassionate, committed coach and would love to assist you on your journey to becoming the very best version of yourself possible. 

If you’d like to connect with me, why not schedule your free ‘no obligation’ chemistry call below and see if you think we are a good fit to work together? 

Questions I'm often asked

Coaching is all about you. It’s about helping you change in the way you want to and guiding you in the direction that you want to be going.  It’s about getting results. 

It’s about helping you become the very best version of yourself, so that you feel happy, alive and motivated to live life on your own terms. 

Coaching helps you to dig deep, ask yourself some challenging questions and allow the answers to come up from within.  It empowers you to resolve old issues and beliefs that no longer serve you and that hold you back in life. 

Through coaching you can get past your self imposed limitations and live the life you really deserve. 




All kinds of people engage in coaching for all sorts of reasons. Even coaches themselves have their own coach or mentor.    There is a great deal of power, magic and amazingness inside us all and sometimes we need a proverbial kick up the rear to help us realise that. 

So many of us work flat out in our jobs, homes and communities that we often become overwhelmed by life.  We can suddenly find ourselves living a life that doesn’t fill us with joy and therefore we tend to develop bad habits and thoughts that affect our daily lives. When asked what they really want, it’s incredible how many people actually have no idea at all. 

So imagine having someone in your corner, cheering you on and motivating you to change and helping you gain clarity on what you really want so that life rocks once more. That’s where a life coach comes in and can help get you back into the driving seat of life so that you feel confident to tackle the road ahead from a different perspective. 

I care deeply about helping you feel joy in your life and help you get what you want.  It’s my firm belief that life is meant to be a happy experience and that if you are feeling unhappy or out of sorts then something needs to change. 

As an adoptee and a birth mother, I already ‘get you’. You don’t have to try and explain the nuances of adoption, the primal wound or anything else.  We are already on the same page. 

I have had my share of life’s ups and downs and have worked through them with my own life coach to reach a point where I am now super happy with how things unfold before me. I am a work in progress as I think we all are and for me, life coaching has been a catalyst for change.  I would still be in a place of self loathing and negativity if I had not invested in life coaching for myself. 

I am a Certified Life Coach with additional trainings and certification in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming, rational emotive behaviour therapy and basic hypnotherapy. I am also a certified Laughter Yoga coach (who knew there was such a thing!).  My background was in nursing and so working with people at their most vulnerable has always been my calling. 

I am not a therapist or counsellor and if you feel that you need either of those services then coaching is not for you.  

My coaching style is conversational. It’s about me asking you pertinent questions that get to the heart of the matter and from there I encourage you to move forward on your transformative journey. 

Coaching with me gets you the results you are looking for.

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I look forward to connecting with you. 

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